At Horseshoe Bend, we do our best to make sure you HAVE FUN!
Since our opening season at Horseshoe Bend, we have held two tournaments each year.  
These tournament highlight the great golfers that have and will continue to golf at
Horseshoe Bend.  The first of the tournaments highlight the one-on-one style of golf that
started it all, Match Play.  Click the link on the left to see the previous Match Play

The other tournament is the tournament of champions, The Club Championship.  This
tournament is a flighted tournament that flights the players based on their USGA
Handicap.  The division are; Championship, B-Flight, C-Flight and Ladies-Flight.  Within
this tournament there is also a Senior Medalist, which is the lowest score from a Senior
(Over 60yrs old) from any flight.  Click on the link to the left to see the previous Club
Championship Winners.
A Beautiful Drive From Any Direction!
Welcome to the Champion's Corner
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Hit Counter
Match Play Champion -Alan Boan (Left)
Runner--Up  -Chuck Bushovisky (Right
2012 Club Championship Winners from left to right, Club Champion -Alan Boan,
B-Flight Winner -Jim Graham, Ladies Flight Winner -Sandy Kidd, C-Flight and Senior
Winner -Buddy Knotts